Naomi Watts on Funny Games and The Birds


The actress’ two horror remakes

Aussie actress Naomi Watts stars with Viggo Mortensen in the upcoming crime-drama Eastern Promises from former master of horror David Cronenberg, and since Cronenberg’s horror classic Scanners is in the process of being remade, we decided to ask Naomi Watts about her own upcoming horror remakes, one coming out this year and one still in development. First, she stars in Michael Haneke’s English language remake of his horror-thriller Funny Games, which she told us about.

“It was interesting. I saw the original and it was intense, but Michael Haneke is a great filmmaker. I think his films will be remembered in 100 years to come. He’s really trying to do something. We remade the film and what was interesting was that he wanted to do the exact same shots, so it was a great experience. He works from a very disciplined place. Everything’s very worked-out, very structured, and that makes it a lot harder to be organic, because you’ve got so many notes in your head. Completely different style from the way David Cronenberg works.”

And what about the remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds that Naomi has been rumored to star in? “It’s happening,” she replied, “but I haven’t read the script yet, but we’re in talks, and I hope it works out. They’re still working on it and making sure it’s just right.”

In the meantime, you can see Naomi in Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises and read a full interview with her over on

Source: Edward Douglas