Halloween Scares Up $10.9 million


On its way to a new Labor Day record

With a $10.9 million estimated take for Friday according to ShowBIZ Data, Rob Zombie’s Halloween is on its way to setting a new Labor Day record of somewhere between $31 and 33 million, besting Jason Statham’s Transporter 2, which holds the four-day holiday record with $20.1 million. The prequel-remake which faced blistering reviews on Friday did significantly better its opening day than the two biggest horror movies for the frame, Jeepers Creepers in 2001 and Jeepers Creepers 2 in 2003. Ironically, Zombie’s movie is likely to do better in its first week than both of those movies ended up doing in total.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday or Monday to determine where Halloween stands compared to some of the highest opening horror movies, which include Freddy vs. Jason ($36.5 million in 2003), Scream 3 ($34.7 million in 2000), Saw 3 ($33.6 million in 2006), The Haunting ($33.4 million in 1999) and Scream 2 ($32.9 million in 1997). It’s an unfair comparison due to the Monday holiday, but without that included, Halloween is likely to end up outside the Top 5 of highest opening horror flicks.

Source: ShowBiz Data