Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Trailer


FX extravaganza opening in Canada

Well, this sure looks like fun in the ’80s prosthetics orgy sorta way. This October, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer hits Canadian soil after a long development period (it feels like I wrote a news item about this film eons and two outlets ago) and a funky lil’ trailer has hit the web.

The film follows a plumber who, essentially, has to overcome a childhood tragedy, man-up and kick monster ass. Actor Trevor Matthews is just the cat to do it. There’s a ton of FX already on display in the trailer and, somehow, the filmmakers have managed to throw in some weird jungle tribe sub-plot. Kinda curious as to how that factors into the big picture. Robert Englund fans will also be pleased to know the former Krueger has a sizable part.

What the hell are you waiting for? Click here to check out the trailer!

Source: Ryan Rotten