More Zombies in Romero’s Future?


Director on Land of the Dead follow-up

An evening looking back on the works of George A. Romero ended with ruminations on the potential of future zombie parables.

Sitting before a crowd of the faithful attending the Festival of Fear‘s “Speak of the Dead” Q&A, Romero hinted there’s always a chance the dead might rise again, he just needs convincing subtextual motivation to get them back on their feet.

“I don’t know where I’m gonna go next,” admitted the writer-director of Diary of the Dead, his latest undead flick that puts our overwhelming multi-media culture in the spotlight as well as take us to that first horrific night the dead feasted on the living. “At one time there was talk of a sequel to ‘Land of the Dead’ which never materialized. That was the first time I was sorta faced with…I didn’t even know what to do, they wanted a film quickly after ‘Land.’ I figured all I could do was follow the guys in the [Dead Reckoning’ somewhere. ‘Cause I didn’t have a new to sorta base it in.”

Jokingly, he adds, inspiration for another film set after “Land” might strike when, “I don’t know, maybe somebody will nuke Atlanta.” But first thing’s first, and that’s getting Diary of the Dead onto U.S. soil. Presently, the film doesn’t have a North American distributor, however, it has been sold around the world. It’s an approach Romero faced when Dawn of the Dead was released in ’78 and one he says he’s comfortable with.

“Diary” debuts next month in Toronto, for more on that as well as descriptions of the scenes presented at the “Speak of the Dead” event, click here.

Source: Ryan Rotten