EXCL: Pumpkinhead SE in the Works!


’80s creature feature gets respect

Stan Winston’s demon of vengeance will get his proper due on DVD sometime next year.

ShockTillYouDrop.com caught up to DVD producing dynamo Michael Felsher (Texas Chainsaw Massacre II) who tells us his recent work on MGM’s The Burning (coming to DVD September 11th) helped paved the way for a future MGM project: A special edition of the sublime 1989 creature feature Pumpkinhead.

Previous releases have been seriously lacking in the bonus features department; and let’s not even start on the underwhelming film presentation. Felsher hopes to remedy that with interviews and much more.

He adds that Lionsgate’s recent success of The Monster Squad (which he spearheaded) DVD has prompted the studio to go digging through their vaults for other rare library titles.

Source: Ryan Rotten