The Rotten Truth


One scatterbrained week

Until recently, it never dawned on me just how long it has been since I had last written a Rotten Truth (Bad editor, bad!). I can thank a few readers for the reminder (“Get your ass in gear, pal!”). Yessiree, it’s been nearly two months now.

There really hasn’t been a single topic to get my spit flyin’. But then again, when this column began I never intended it to be an essay on one subject, I knew at times I’d want to take a week to cover a variety of things.

This is gonna be one of those weeks. Put your helmet on and try to follow along…

On the 18th, tipped back a brew in recognition of its five month anniversary. Thankyouthankyouthankyou… Since then there have been a few new additions to the site including our film database where you can find listings for past, present and upcoming genre films and their respective posters, galleries, etc. Think of it as a budding lil’ flower. It blossoming, so be patient as we load this baby up. Also, not sure if you’ve noticed, but every week we’ve been updating the “Top of the Charts” (on the home page, scroll down a bit) which lists the weekly box office, the top-selling DVDs (not just horror, hence the reason you might find that punk-ass Dora the Explorer in the top ten) and the “Top Previews” – these are the horror films in our database that are generating the most traffic from curiosity-seekers.

I’m looking for a few freaks to take on reviewing duties, care to try out?

Warner Home Entertainment finally came around to realizing Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist needed an DVD upgrade. The announcement was bittersweet. On one hand, we’re getting a remastered film in a better package. RIP “snapper case.” On the other, we get a two-part documentary on…reeeeal ghosts? Huh?! If any film warranted a retrospective, it’s this one. Granted, you’re not gonna get Hooper talking about it. Spielberg would probably rather remain mum on the issue, but for chrissakes, wrangle up the cast! Drag out some of the FX guys! Years ago a close friend of mine and I ventured down to the Vista Theater for a Poltergeist reunion screening. JoBeth Williams was there. Zelda Rubenstein. James Karen. All easily accessible talent. So what gives?

Have any of you seen Tartan’s release of Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman? The bottom line is it’s a “J-Krueger” – but a woman rather than a dude preying upon kids – with a slit mouth, a trench coat and a big pair of shears who possesses people, steals tykes and takes ’em back home to do nasty things to them. I went cold turkey last year from the crap coming from Japan and Korea; nothing impressed me and the films were becoming derivative tripe. For some reason I fell off the wagon and popped this one in and was pleasantly surprised. The bold, yet classy, approach to child violence was enough to rattle me, plus I was really grooving on the “slit-mouthed woman” look. The first girl I see here in Hollywood dressed like her this Halloween, I’ll make my bride (don’t hold me to that). It’s not without its problems. The dialogue is a bit rough. And if you made a drinking game for every time you heard someone say “slit-mouthed woman” you’d be blitzed in the first ten minutes.

The inner-Roy Lee in me was thinking about how you can refine the story and translate it for America. I think it’d be worth it. And seeing the movie’s worth it. Get the Tartan DVD, it’s out now.

Hmm, let’s see…I attended Christa Campbell’s “I’m naked in the latest issue of Playboy, let’s party!” party in Hollywood. That was interesting. She looks great. I hate clubs. You never see parties like that taking place in dive bars.

I’m beginning to feel the pull of other site work that needs completion, so I’m cutting this off before more rambling ensues. This has been very blog-like, no?

Believe me, I’d love to talk about how great Superbad is and how a bunch of new pics from The Dark Knight made me break out in a sweat ’cause I realized I had to wait until next summer to see the damn film. And I want to gab about the French who have been impressing me left and right with images I’m seeing from Eden Log and P2 (I’m secretly excited for Aja’s Piranha). Alas, we’ve got some pretty damn big things coming up this week and I need to prep. If you’re reading this late in the week, you’ll see we have a cool exclusive from a film I’m eagerly awaiting. Some Festival of Fear coverage is coming your way (yep, I’m heading to Canada) and I’ve got a slew of Halloween interviews to conduct.

A much more significant “Truth” next time, I promise, and the next one will come sooner than later.

Source: Ryan Rotten