Savini Hangs Ten for Sequel


Joins Lost Boys cast was the first to bring you exclusive casting news regarding PJ Pesce’s The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. Now Fangoria has some new info: There’s a part lined up for Tom Savini.

The FX vet recently appeared on Fango’s radio program and revealed, “I’m a surfer who runs into the vampires at the beginning of the film, in a sequence that is shot very Sergio Leone-style [à la the extreme close-up prologue of the director’s classic ‘Once Upon Time in the West’]. They’re shooting ‘The Tribe’ in Vancouver right now, and I’ll be there September 11.”

He also says the sequel is nixing its DTV future and going theatrical, something we’ve heard as well, but it’s distribution plans are up in the air.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fangoria