Sanchez’s Seventh Moon Rises


Director returns to the supernatural

Licking his wounds following Rogue Pictures’ DVD dumping of Altered, writer-director Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project) is moving on to a new endeavor: Seventh Moon. In an interview with Bloody Good Horror, he says, “It’s basically about this honeymooning couple in China, that are visiting China during the seventh lunar month, which is kind of like the superstitious month (in China) kind of like Halloween. And they just kind of run into some bad things there in China. That’s pretty much all I can give you but it’s a lot more ‘Blair Witch-ey’ than ‘Altered.’ You definitely see what’s going on more than “Blair Witch,” but ya there’s less in your face kind of stuff. Also just the style, I want to let the actors improv a little bit, and I want to run one of the cameras myself. It’s just a completely different style of filmmaking.”

According to the interview, Sanchez should be overseas at this point prepping for “a thing called ‘The Hungry Ghost Festival,’ that takes place in Hong Kong, and it’s like Halloween. It’s suposed to be like the gates of hell open up and hungry ghosts come out and just kind of, devour shit. And that’s an actual festival that takes place on August 27th, so we have to shoot (that) for a couple of days, and then six weeks prep, and then shoot for about six weeks. I’ll be back home for Thanksgiving, hopefully.

Check out the full interview here!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Bloody Good Horror