Living Dead Anniversary Tour Planned


40 years of the walking dead

Night of the Living Dead triumvirate George Romero, John Russo and Russ Streiner, in conjunction with Avatar Press (“Escape from the Living Dead,” “Night of the Living Dead: Back from the Grave”) are celebrating 40 years of “messed up” walking corpses.

During a recent Wizard World convention panel in Chicago, Russo and editor-in-chief William Christensen revealed plans for a NotLD tour. “It will be the big reunion that everyone’s been wanting to see,” said Christensen, according to Newsarama.

An official announcement will arrive this October by way of Avatar Press‘ site. Organizers right now are tentatively eyeing a February start with the tour moving through the Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta and Dallas areas while piggybacking other events in those cities.

Avatar is also preparing a slew of officially licensed NotLD merchandise including collections of their comics, statues, t-shirts and more. Those who didn’t stand to gain anything monetarily from the ’68 original (Romero and company got screwed) are “getting compensated.”

Russo adds a new DVD is in the works, too. “All of our interviews have already been shot. A lot of it hasn’t been heard before.” Russo said the DVD is supposed to include a documentary that has footage of offices where the filmmakers worked and interviews with everyone involved, all the way down to the extras on the film.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Newsarama