Piranha Moving Fast


Aja’s furious fish want to beat strike

October 31st is the contract deadline for the Writers Guild of America (West and East Coast). The potential of a WGA strike is prompting many studios to stock up on scripts and, in some instances, start production on many high-profile horror projects.

One insider told Shock they are hopeful work will finally begin on one anticipated franchise chapter before the fall (unfortunately, we’re not allowed to say which one). Elsewhere, we’ve been told that Alexandre Aja – fresh off of Mirrors – may begin principal photography on his remake of Piranha before the looming strike.

Aja took a crack at the script with Good Luck Chuck‘s Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. Longtime pal Grégory Levasseur (The Hills Have Eyes) will co-produce.

More details as they come in!

Source: Ryan Rotten