Tears Theme Full of Filth


Horror rocker pairs with Simonetti

Dario Argento’s works have had a long history with metal, even if his choices and the music cues are a bit peculiar. Italy’s numero uno horror fiend wants to make sure his latest horror movie Mother of Tears gets an equal does of ROCK. Cradle of Filth vocalist, Dani Filth, has partnered with composer Claudio Simonetti for the film’s theme song “(She’s) The Mother of Tears.”

“It was a real honor to be asked to work alongside Claudio Simonetti from Goblin,” Filth tells Blabbermouth. “Especially as it’s the last of a trilogy for a Dario Argento movie. The whole project has been very exciting to say the least. I received word that my services were being demanded of and I was especially delighted to have been given free reign with the vocals, both musically and lyrically, preserving the lush choir that forms the backbone of the chorus. The result is a four-minute homage to the last and most dangerous in a trio of powerful witches whose aim is to enslave the world. Having finished the song (which is intended for the film’s credits), I am now tense with anticipation for seeing the how the two work together… the film apparently rocks!”

Cradle of Filth has been featured on soundtracks including Underworld: Evolution and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Simonetti, on the other hand, has had a long history with Argento beginning with his involvement in Goblin and their memorable score for Suspiria. His most recent credits include Argento’s “Masters of Horror” entries “Jenifer” and “Pelts.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Blabbermouth