EXCL: Moore’s Resort Now Killers


Alternate ending shooting soon

The Battle Royale-esque directorial debut of Chris Moore (“Project Greenlight”) is heading back into production to lens an “insane” new ending.

ShockTillYouDrop.com spoke to co-star Theo Rossi who was eager to re-join his castmates (Agnes Brucker, Edwin Hodge, Patrick Flueger among others) and director for a bit of additional shooting on Last Resort, or, as it is being called now Killers.

Moore, an executive producer on John Gulager’s Feast, was fueled up to remake Race with the Devil (word is, he still is) before taking the helm of this violent thriller.

Written by Kelly Palmer, the story concerns a handful of college grads who venture out to a remote vacation home and are forced to kill each other by sunrise. The last one standing is free to leave.

Lionsgate is expected to distribute.

Source: Ryan Rotten