Surprise, surprise: Saw III Uncut


DVD arrives this October

Not missing an opportunity to cash in on the arrival of Darren Bousman’s Saw IV, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is readying the DVD release of Saw III: Director’s Cut for October 23rd.

Bousman always said there was a three-hour cut of his sequel, but for this presentation, you’re gonna have to settle for a 120-minute uncut gorefest instead. Other special features include:

– Audio commentary with Leigh Whannell, Darren Bousman, Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith

Jigsaw’s Plan featurette

Filmmaker Faves featurette

Looking Tortured Makeup FX Lesson

Choose the Death featurette

– Hydrovibe Music Video featuring Shawnee Smith

Lionsgate will also issue an six-disc “Saw” set that features the first three films in all of their uncut glory (with their respective previously released bonus material). The package with include a 3D Jigsaw puppet head box.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Davis DVD