Darkchylde Film in the Works


Based on Randy Queen’s horror comic book

To echo Newsarama‘s surprise: This is something that has managed to wiggle right under our noses undetected. It appears as if Dark Horse Entertainment, WETA Workshop and Richard Taylor (King Kong, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy) are at work on a feature adaptation of Randy Queen’s horror comic Darkchylde.

The title first hit stands in ’96 featuring a blonde beauty who was able to metamorphose into nightmarish creatures, however, her power came with a catch. With each transformation, she’d unwittingly unleash a creature in her home town.

Queen sent Newsarama the following message with a striking image from the production below: “I am very passionate about what I think works and what hasn’t over the years. We have the A list team, and our expressed goal is to produce an original, beautifully shot, atmospheric horror film, played very straight and very dark, ala a modern Carrie or Ridley Scott’s Alien, with a wicked, sexy cool Underworld vibe. Our only wish is to create a film for the horror fans of the world to get excited about, so everyone please wish us luck!”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Newsarama