Four Step into the Darklight


Women direct horror

In 2006, production house Warp X (those behind Chris Cunningham’s brilliant and disturbing Rubber Johnny) put out a call for women. Not for nefarious deeds, mind you. They were seeking four gals to helm their own horror projects as part of a campaign entitled “Darklight: Women Direct Horror.”

Miranda Bowen, Corinna Faith, Smita Bhide and Juliet McKoen were the lucky finalists and, according to Variety, “Bhide’s project [The Blue Tower] details a young Indian woman’s turbulent experiences of an arranged marriage. Bowen’s The Men’s Room portrays the darker side of a city firm. This Little Piggy by Faith is a twisted take on consumerism set on a psychotic farm. McKoen’s 2d4 focuses on extreme sports.”

Expect to hear more as this quartet begin production on their respective films.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety