Lionsgate Eyes Reshoots


Moreau, Palud won’t be returning

A big question mark overshadowed Lionsgate’s The Eye when it was pushed from October to a February 1, 2008 release date. We may now have the reason for that maneuver.

According to Film Jerk (reporting from an anonymous source), actress Jessica Alba is heading to Vancouver for reshoots. Here’s the rub: Directors Xavier Palud and David Moreau will not be involved. Instead, Lionsgate is putting Patrick Lussier (the man who introduced the world to Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000) on the job.

Our sources say that Palud and Moreau are actually out of the country, perhaps too busy to return to the production. Nevertheless, reshoots are expected to be light and involve punching up some of the supernatural gags.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Film Jerk