Garcia Talks 30 Days Spin-Off


On adapting the Niles universe

Before embarking on the 30 Days of Night spin-off web series “Blood Trails” (read more here), director Victor Garcia (Return to House on Haunted Hill) had the enviable opportunity to see David Slade’s “Night” before anyone else.

“The movie is scary,” Garcia tells “The visuals are amazing and the sound design is incredible. I really enjoyed it.” The director requested a private screening so that he could get an idea of the visual world Slade had created, “because I didn’t want to make my own version of the vampires that are in the movie. In terms of visuals, it’s going to be a little different – I’m trying to go back to the graphic novel as a hardcore fan – use the same color contrasts and that stuff.”

Filming started on “Blood Trails” last month. “We shot for five days, six pages a day ’cause it was fast, fast, fast. It’s a prequel to the movie and leads you to the point the movie begins. It’s got a couple of characters who appeared in the graphic novel and it explores their background.”

“30 Days of Night: Blood Trails” debuts on FEARnet Thursday, September 13th.

Source: Ryan Rotten