Comic-Con ’07: 30 Days of Night Panel


And a bit more on Extinction

So, we’re nearing the end of an incredibly busy day. Shock’s kickin’ back at Hall H and our man Edward Douglas of reports in on the Resident Evil: Extinction panel…

“They showed a clip of a group of soldiers being attacked by a bunch of zombies in grey suits… lots of headshots with hand guns and shotguns, zombie throats being slashed, blood spurting everywhere, etc. Anderson said this was the “bloodiest Resident Evil ever” and it’s definitely the end of the franchise.”

Stay tuned for live coverage from the 30 Days of Night which is going down within minutes…

On the stage: Sam Raimi, director David Slade, creator Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, actors Josh Hartnett and Ben Foster.

– Extended trailer and exclusive clip: We’re graced with an extended trailer that featured more vamp action including a scene in which the bloodsuckers use a woman as bait to lure out those in hiding. The clip features Eben, Stella and a number of other survivors breaking into a store for supplies. What they discover is a little girl feeding voraciously on some poor sucker. The men grab her, pin her to a wall and charge the tyke with an axe!

– Slade: Film was shot in New Zealand and included a lot of backlot work. “It’s not feasible to shoot a film like this in Alaska, it would have been a disaster. It’s crazy, when you get into an environment that’s filled with fake snow, it’s cold. Very weird.”

– Niles: “I’m a huge vampire fan. One of the things Ben and I wanted to do was make vampires scary again because we’ve turned them in Count Chocola, teenage girls are dating them on TV. These should be feral vampires that look at humans as nothing more than something to feed on.”

– Harnett: “I felt this was going to be a good horror movie. When you find a good piece of material, it doesn’t matter what the genre is. I like to switch things up and don’t like to do the same thing for long periods of time so it’s natural to switch from genre to genre.”

– Templesmith: “I’m over the moon about this film.”

– Slade: “I’ve populated this film with fantastic character actors. It’s not a teen movie of the weekend. We’ve got Ben, Josh, Danny Huston, who is God. We did our best to find whoever we could. We just found the best actors possible.”

– Slade: “We put more violence in than we had to. We thought we’d get an NC-17, but it was a serious concern at one point. Violence is horrible, but part of this film was a sense of reality. So when violence occurs, it has to be there as part of life. We did what we wanted to do and as a result very nasty things happen. It’s important for a horror film to show very nasty, ugly things. When heads are being chopped off it has to be horrible. It’s part of the process of making it a realistic horror film.”

– Raimi: “[There is no Bruce Campbell cameo], me and the producers decided to make this film of a higher quality.” [laughter]

– Raimi: “Through Ghost House I can stay involved [in horror] without having to do the hard work of the director. It’s all of the enjoyment, as producing. One day I may go back, but right now I’m sated.”

– Templesmith: “It’s an extraordinary journey that’s taken five years to get to this point.” Niles: “To have this done so well is such a great feeling.”

– Slade: “Ben’s illustrations were amazing. We did our best to replicate everything. You see the little girl’s dress, the pattern was taken [from the comic].”

– Raimi: “One day my brother and I would love to write a part four to ‘Evil Dead’ and we’re looking for a young director for a remake, but we’ve been so busy on other projects, we haven’t been able to focus on that.”

That was the end of 30 Days of Night. Here are photos from the Resident Evil: Extinction panel:

Source: Ryan Rotten