Comic-Con ’07: Halloween Footage!


Michael Myers stalking Laurie Strode

Director Rob Zombie showed up at Comic-Con International to debut some footage from his upcoming remake of Halloween, joined by Tyler Mane (X-Men) who plays the new Michael Myers, actress Scout Taylor-Compton who takes on the Jamie Lee Curtis role of Laurie Strode, and Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon, who plays Myers’ stripper mother.

The footage shown was a scene of Michael Myers stalking Laurie through a house and it was as moody and creepy as the original John Carpenter version of the scene where she’s hiding from Myers in a closet and he finds her and starts smashing the door in. She gets away from him but then hides in a crawlspace and Myers starts hitting the ceiling with some large object that was either a bat or an axe. He keep hitting the ceiling knocking away large portions and exposing her location and she screams appropriately, but as hard as she tries keeping away from him, eventually there isn’t enough left of the crawlspace to keep her in hiding and the clip ends with her falling through the hole that Myers made and the Halloween logo.

The floor was then opened for questions from the audience, but there wasn’t anything really new or groundbreaking. Zombie’s still working hard on the film, which is why it wasn’t screened at Comic-Con despite it opening in a month.

Stay tuned for a 1:1 we did with the new Michael Myers, Tyler Mane, very soon.

Source: Edward Douglas