EXCL: Two Pics from The Invasion


Comic-Con ’07 preview continues…

A classic parable of American paranoia awakens in a new incarnation called The Invasion (opening August 17th).

Taking its cue from the previous Invasion of the Body Snatchers entries before it – Don Siegel’s ’56 version, Philip Kaufman’s powerful ’78 remake and Abel Ferrara’s ’93 tightly wound take – the catalyst for “Invasion” begins with the disastrous crash of a Space Shuttle and the alien presence that thrives within the wreckage and permeates the human race… The rest? Well, you know the drill: Don’t sleep. Don’t show emotion. Don’t trust anyone. Do so and you’ll become one of them – a pod, a shell of your former existence.

Produced by Joel Silver and starring Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Jeremy Northam, The Invasion is getting the San Diego Comic-Con treatment on Friday, July 27th in Hall H from 10:30am – noon. Silver will take to the stage to talk about the film and field questions. Courtesy of Warner Bros., here are a pair of exclusive stills to chew on.

Source: Ryan Rotten