Scott, Fox 2000 Stake Vampire Trilogy


The Passage first in line

Two years before its expected arrival in book stores, Jordan Ainsley’s The Passage – the first vampire novel in a proposed trilogy (of course) – recently created an acquisition feeding frenzy in Hollywood. Fox 2000 and Scott Free won out, purchasing the rights to the upcoming threesome, with much interest coming from Ridley Scott (Blade Runner).

Ballantine will publish “The Passage” in ’09 and the Hollywood trades are likening the concept to 28 Weeks Later (what, not 28 Days Later?) and Stephen King’s “The Stand.” The synopsis goes something like this: When terminally ill cancer patients get healthy after being bitten by bats in South America, the government conducts secret tests with human subjects to see if a virus can cure illness. Instead, it unleashes a swarm of bloodthirsty vampires out of the test subjects, which include death row inmates.

Ainsley is a pseudonym for the award-winning author Justin Cronin.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety