Poltergeist SE Sees the Light


2-disc DVD coming soon…

This writer has purposely held out on getting Warner’s snap-case edition of Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist (found at your local Wal-mart for nine bones or less!) in hope that the next time I see the film, it’s in a pristine special edition.

Well, that may be happening sooner than later. Moviehole, via Poltergeist fansite Poltergeistiii.com, was tipped off that New Wave Entertainment (a DVD production house here in L.A.) is harvesting interviews for a proper Poltergeist: Special Edition 2-disc DVD.

JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson and Zelda Rubenstein are expected to appear along with a ton of other “real ghost hunters”-like supplements. One can hope the producers of this disc will dig a little deeper into the actual film than spend their time talking to trackers of supernatural phenomena.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Moviehole