Preview: Dexter Season Two!


First word from the cast and crew

Is a serial killer really a criminal if he murders other criminals? What about if he’s a cop? That’s what you have to decide with Dexter Morgan; the Showtime drama about a forensics analyst (Dexter) who specializes in bloodstain pattern analysis for the Miami-Dade Police Department. But his secret – his side job – is a serial killer.

“Dexter” will be returning to TV in September. The cast and crew of the show were on hand in Los Angeles for the Television Critics Association panel to talk about last season and what we can expect for the coming year.

Last year, we were left with a bit of a cliffhanger with Dexter’s identity nearly being discovered by one of his fellow cops, as well as his new girlfriend. According to star Michael C. Hall, he’ll still be dealing with hiding who he really is. “When we meet Dexter at the top of season two, he’s reeling from that; any footing he’s able to establish for himself is pretty much immediately pulled out from under him. I think his world is pretty rocked; he encounters a person he never anticipated encountering, someone who he sees him for who he is, accepts him as such and he really has no choice but to do him in. He does maintain his claim that he’s without the capacity for authentic human emotion.”

Over the past season, Michael has gotten even more adept to his character and has actually become a little sympathetic to Dexter’s emotions. “I have my opinions about whether or not Dexter is human – I think he is. I think a lot of his journey over the course of the second seasons will be negotiating his growing awareness of the fact that his compulsion remains and how to reconcile those things. What’s fun about playing him is his work life, his relationships. It’s only when those things that he’s pragmatically, methodically constructed for himself start to crumble that he has no choice but to respond in a way that elicits what he may not admit is evidence of a real emotional connection, but is. I think for all of us, all the work we’ve done serves as preparation for the work we’re now doing; when we started, we didn’t have any of that soil and now we can just grow out of that.”

Added to this second season is legendary actor, Keith Carradine, who plays Lt. Frank Lundy, Special Agent for the FBI who is investigating a large number of dead bodies recently found in Miami. He’ll appear in 11 of season two’s 12 episodes. “I love this show, and I have become a fan as a result of having gotten involved,” says Carradine. “I love how it reflects on our own daily conflicts in that way. I love the way it makes one think about that. It forces you to look at the nature of morality; there are no easy answers and it’s so smart on so many levels – it’s so complex, so subtle.”

What can we expect for the second season of “Dexter”? “We’re going to just try and honor this world that we set up and play off certain things that are in the DNA of the show and things we left hanging last season,” notes writer/executive producer Daniel Cerone. “We want to see all those things through. All the images you saw on Dexter of knives going in or a throat getting cut, the violence is a lot more powerful; I also think it’s more provocative and compelling. This is a guy you plug into and you relate; he’s doing what society does – execute killers. Now, he’s in it for his own inner reasons; that actually makes the violence feel a lot more present.”

Look for the killing on “Dexter” to begin again September 30th on Showtime.

Source: Steven Chupnick