EXCL: Danny Boyle Video Interview


On creating the sci-fi thriller Sunshine

Despite having flown into Los Angeles from New York the day prior, then meeting the press on the Fox lot that night, director Danny Boyle is refreshingly chipper compared to the groggy journalists and publicists who greet ShockTillYouDrop.com when we arrive at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills early in the morning. I’ll refrain from labeling him as a walking ball of sunshine – ah, crap, I just did – but his energy is infectious and before you know it (two cups of coffee later), your devoted Rotten one is ready to talk Sunshine, Boyle’s latest thriller opening in theaters on July 20th from Fox Searchlight.

In the film, a team of scientists have embarked on a journey to re-ignite the sun. Along the way, their mission and sanity is tested.

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Source: Ryan Rotten