Writer Reacts to Mother of Tears


How is Argento’s latest shaping up?

Jace Anderson – who, with Adam Gierasch and Dario Argento, penned Mother of Tears – wrote in with her reaction to a recent screening of the Italian maestro’s third chapter in his “Three Mothers” trilogy.

“Adam and I checked out a cut of ‘The Mother of Tears’ on Thursday and were blown away! The music and color correction aren’t done yet, but the visuals are already amazing. It’s not going to be crazy colored light like in ‘Suspiria’ – Dario was adamant about not wanting to repeat himself – but he’s come up with some really great stuff, which promises to only get better once the digital intermediate is done.

We talked to Dario this morning and he’s very excited about the final music – he says it’s very very good!

I don’t want to give any specifics away, but there’s gore aplenty and beautiful, half-clothed women…always a plus, right? The film has a broader scope than both ‘Suspiria’ and ‘Inferno’…instead of the action being primarily focused around one building, it takes place throughout Rome. Not to worry, though…architect Varelli and his book “The Three Mothers” (from the opening of Inferno) figure into the story.

Back when we visited the set, we saw “The Three Mothers” book set up for insert shots…it was all I could do not to run away with it.

I really loved the movie, and hope the fans do too! There’s a bit of exposition that ties the mythology in with Suspiria and Inferno, and I’m really hoping that fans like that.”

Mother of Tears debuts this October at the Roma Film Fest.

In case you missed it, an official site dedicated to Argento’s life and works launched here. Brush up on your Italian. You’re gonna need it.

Source: Ryan Rotten