Does Showtime want their Masters back?


Status report on the third season

Two years ago, Showtime and showrunner Mick Garris introduced horror fans to thirteen tales of terror directed by some of the genre’s best storytellers. “Masters of Horror” was a hit and by the end of its inaugural season, a sophomore outing was guaranteed. Sure enough, the masters returned and season two bowed in late ’06.

With much pressure on the production and Showtime, there is now a chance it could return for a third try despite season two’s lackluster ratings. At the Television Critics Association session with Showtime’s Matthew Blank (CEO) and Robert Greenblatt (President of Entertainment), the mention of “Masters of Horror” brought smiles to their faces.

Greenblatt responded with, “I don’t know that there will be any Masters of Horror anywhere. [It] was a show that we were doing with a production company that was then bought by Starz; they had all these sort of foreign co-production deals in trying to make this show, and the financing for the show evaporated.”

Whether or not the show is going to come back, Greenblatt added, “The producers of that show are trying to figure out how to put that show back together. And if they do, we’ve told them we’re interested in them doing more for us.”

No time table was set for the return of the show or a return of production, but from what it sounds like, more frights could be on the way in the near future.

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Source: Steven Chupnick