Anthony Hickox Returns!


Writes, directs Knife Edge

Welcome back to horror, Mr. Hickox. You’ve been missed. Not many would be proud to say that, but here at Shock we are. This writer is a fan, and I’m not ashamed. Waxwork, Full Eclipse and – oh, why not? – Hellraiser III. Join me in the love.

Variety is reporting Hickox is back behind the camera on Knife Edge, a psychological thriller concerning a Wall Street trader who attempts to relocate to the English countryside and winds up plagued with “nightmarish visions.”

Nathalie Press stars with Hugh Bonneville, Joan Plowright, Matthieu Boujenah, Tamsin Egerton, Jamie Harris, Lorcan O’Toole and newcomer Miles Ronayne. Hickox penned the script with Robb Squire and co-producer Fee Combe. Seven Arts, 120dB Films and Knife Edge Films are seeing the production along.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety