At Least He’s Being Honest


Hawke sounds off on Daybreakers

Quote of the day goes to Ethan Hawke, star of the Spierig brothers’ futurist vampire adventure Daybreakers.

In the film he plays a vampire researcher and during a conversation with MTV’s Shawn Adler, he explains nothing too revelatory: His character lives in a world of vampires, he’s trying to find a blood substitute, human supply dwindling… Stuff we’ve heard before. But this writer had a laugh when he summed it all up by labeling the flick “low art. Completely unpretentious and silly.”

To which fellow Daybreakers Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill followed up by pointing an accusatory finger towards their co-star adding, “He said it, not us.” (Kidding.)

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Source: Ryan Rotten, MTV Blog