30 Days Universe Expands


Fearnet develops web series

B-D reports Fearnet and Ghost House Pictures are furthering their amiable working relationship through a series of upcoming short films culled from 30 Days of Night.

Ben Kentai is writing the series which will flesh out the character of “George.” Those familiar with the Steve Niles-penned graphic novel may remember George is the skittish character from New Orleans who’s the first to learn a clan of vamps is about to invade Barrow, Alaska. Focus of the series will revolve around his investigation and the dangers he encounters.

Kentai is a Ghost House regular who also wrote Tales from the Grudge and Fearnet’s Devil’s Trade. Return to House on Haunted Hill‘s Victor Garcia will helm the “Night” spin-off with Steve Hein (Boogeyman 2) producing.

Source: Ryan Rotten, B-D