Dark Sky Sets a Date for Them


French thriller arrives this August

The number one film I’ve been recommending this year hasn’t hit the States yet, but it will. Ils (or, Them) is the French thriller from David Moreau and Xavier Palud (those behind the upcoming remake of The Eye) starring Olivia Bonamy and Michael Cohen as a couple terrorized by unseen attackers at their country home. The premise is that simple, but it’s a high tension exercise in shredding the hell out of your nerves. Dark Sky Films is releasing the film theatrically in New York and Los Angeles on August 17th with other cities to follow.

Says Moreau of their back-to-the-basics approach to the material, “A well-stimulated imagination generates much more fear than any slimy monsters or bloody decapitated heads we could show.” Xavier Palud adds, “We didn’t want to force the viewer to be frightened by what scares us; we wanted them to be confronted with what they find terrifying.”

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Source: Ryan Rotten, Dark Sky Films