Bad Girls Get Scared Too


MTV adapts McAuley novel

Alex McAulay‘s “Lord of the Flies”-ish novel, “Bad Girls,” is coming to the screen via MTV Films. First published in 2005 by MTV Books, the source material is undergoing a title change to The Lost Girls, not to be confused with Joel Schumacher’s trashed proposed sequel to The Lost Boys.

If they stuck with the original moniker MTV would run the the risk of being mixed up with that pretty terrible Western with Drew Barrymore of the same name. Yee-haw.

“Lost Girls,” the story about a group of troubled gals in the Bahamas who run into a bit of danger while on a nature hike and subsequently turn on each other, is being adapted by screenwriter Holly Brix. The Eye remake’s Michelle Manning is producing. Brix also has Mile Zero in the works at Phoenix Pictures.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter