Misty New Mist Pic!


What the hell are they gawking at?

To welcome the release of 1408, USA Today ran an interview with Mr. Pop Culture himself, Stephen King. And with it, the paper ran a new still from Frank Darabont’s upcoming adaptation of The Mist (see below)! Dynamic pose from actor Thomas Jane, good “gaping mouth” look from the kid and an old man with a hammer. Love it. Reminds me of a comic book illustration where you know something incredibly evil is lurking just to the right of the panel.

But back to their interview with King… The author comments on Creepshow III (“I saw it the other day for sale at Best Buy.”), Darabont’s new ending for The Mist and Eli Roth. It’s a good read, give it a looksee here.

The Mist rolls into theaters on November 21st via Dimension Films.

Source: Ryan Rotten, USA Today