Behind the Scenes of Ian


First stills from Stan Winston production

Earlier this year, FX Guide ran a series of diaries from the set of The Deaths of Ian. With them comes our first look (stills below)from the film produced by Stan Winston.

It’s a bit of Groundhog Day-inspired craziness that stars Mike Vogel (Poseidon) as a man who is murdered by a gang of attackers and is forced to relive the day over and over. The concept is all the rage in DTV and upcoming theatrical fare. Platinum Dunes is poised to kickstart a similar-sounding project called Half to Death.

Successful Italian commercial director Dario Piana directs “Ian” from a script by Brendan Hood (They). Winston, of course, has his hand in the visual effects. Joining the FX maven on producing duties is Brian Gilbert (Skinwalkers) and Ralph Kamp (Boy Eats Girl).

Source: Ryan Rotten, FX Guide