Witchfinder General DVD Update


Score and “cut” questions answered!

More on that Witchfinder General DVD coming our way via MGM’s Midnight Movies banner. Initially, details were pretty damn hazy leaving many to ponder what cut and soundtrack the disc would offer. Philip Waddilove, producer, tells DVD Drive-In “General” will carry the original score by Paul Ferris will remain intact and, in even better news, present Michael Reeves’ director’s cut.

Ferris’ score, until now, has consistently been excised from previous U.S. releases and replaced with Kendall Schmidt’s synthesizer contributions due to rights issues. Expect an audio commentary from actor Ian Ogilvy and a rare stills gallery from the set, courtesy of Waddilove. Again, expect the disc to hit on September 11th!

Source: Ryan Rotten, DVD Drive-In