Grindhouse Reissues Pieces, Brain


Site launches for distributor

Grindhouse Releasing, those purveyors of schlock cinema, found some web space to call their pissing grounds. The distributor behind the two-disc set of Cannibal Holocaust, and the newly released Cannibal Ferox, now have a site here where you can sneak around and check out their upcoming slate. Highlights? Oh…how do new editions of Lucio Fulci’s Cat in the Brain and Pieces sound? Pretty damn good, if ya ask me. Also look for The Beyond (Grindhouse was behind that theatrical re-release many years back), Scum of the Earth and The Tough Ones. Stay tuned for release date details.

The ghouls behind Grindhouse also run a monthly film fest here in Los Angeles at the New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Blvd.). Tomorrow night they’re showing a double-feature of Goliathon and Infra-Man. Click here for ticket info and more!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Grindhouse Releasing