Horror/Western Thrives in Burrowers


Petty talks about his upcoming creature feature

More John Ford than Ron Underwood. More Valley of the Gwangi, less Tremors. These are the examples JT Petty’s using to describe his upcoming The Burrowers, the horror/western about a group of men out to find a family of settlers who only discover something sinister lurking deep beneath the earth instead.

The project, being funded by Lionsgate, has been a long time coming for the director of Soft for Digging and the better-than-it-ought-to-be sequel Mimic 3. Over at DC, he talks about his film’s influences and tone. “‘Burrowers is gonna be a serious movie, I want to make as authentic a portrayal of the Old West as possible, until, of course, the creatures show up,” he tells the site. “I’m hoping parts of it will be funny, but it’ll be the kind of funny you see in ‘Fargo’ or ‘Funny Games.’ No singing cowboys, no beans around the campfire jokes.”

So, definitely no Blazing Saddles then. A shame. For more on DC’s talk with Petty click here.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Dread Central