Bousman Addresses Other “Repo” Flick


Has Universal harvested his concept?

Blogs. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’ve given the directors of today an instant platform upon which to speak out. Overnight Darren Lynn Bousman – juggler of Saw IV and the upcoming horror rock musical Repo! The Genetic Opera – voiced his thoughts via his MySpace blog about Universal’s still-fresh “Repossession Mambo” announcement. The studio’s premise bore striking similarities to Bousman’s pet project, both concern the organ harvesting trade.

“It would be like trying to compare ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar,'” says Bousman. “Sure they’re both movies about Jesus – but one of them Jesus breaks out into song and dance. The other he, well, doesn’t.”

“Repo!” got its start on stage, so Bousman is “confident in our story – and our ability to do something different. Plus, we have singing half naked nurses clad in skin tight latex body suits. We must ask ourselves: Where are the half naked nurses in ‘The Repossession Mambo!?’ I wish great success to ‘The Repossession Mambo.’ I think the world needs more movies about organs being ripped out.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, DLB