Universal’s Doing the Organ Mambo


Stiff competition for Repo!

Dueling asteroid movies. Dueling volcano movies. Now, dueling organ harvesting thrillers? Appears to be the case. They seem to be as hot as a 30-year-old’s kidney on the black market in Brazil. Universal got the gears started on The Repossession Mambo with names like Jude Law and Forest Whitaker on board to start this summer.

This will no doubt fire things up at Twisted Pictures where they have Repo! The Genetic Opera, an organ harvesting horror musical, being primed for a late-summer start in Toronto with director Darren Lynn Bousman at the helm.

“Mambo” will be a directing vehicle for Miguel Sapochnik, a newcomer who directed a futuristic thriller about a clone who’s facing termination. Like “Repo!”, “Mambo” foretells a future in which organs can be bought on loan, but not paying the price for them could spell doom for the buyer.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety