The Hills Have a Beginning


Cover art for upcoming graphic novel

The next chapter in Fox’s The Hills Have Eyes will not go theatrical. Instead, those irradiated inbreds of Alexandre Aja’s 2006 film – and Fox Atomic’s sequel – are committing their atrocities via the four-color world of graphic novels.

Riding the positive buzz of “28 Days Later: The Aftermath” (a g.n. tie-in released in anticipation of 28 Weeks Later), Fox Atomic Comics is eyeing a July 3rd street date for “The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning.” Fox sent us a peek at the cover art below.

Penned by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, with art by John Higgins, the graphic novel dips back in time before Big Bob got scorched and Papa Jupiter was skewered through his peeper with a pickaxe. It explains who the mutated family of “Hills” was before the atomic testing and how they degenerated into cannibals. You know, bed time reading for the kids…

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fox Atomic