Give a Big Bear Hug to Grizzly Park


This trailer won’t hurt a bit

Everyone knows I’ve got a sweet tooth for William Girdler’s Grizzly. Fine cinema, if you ask me. You got a giant bear. Mauled kids. The chiseled scowl of Christopher George. Can’t be topped.

You can try though and dammit, the makers of Grizzly Park are tryin’. And I’m liking the results. A trailer for “Park” clawed its way online over at CHUD – appropriate enough since the site’s big boss man, Nick Nunziata, is co-producer. The film looks like it’s loaded with brazen mayhem, sex but, sadly, an absence of George’s ghost.

Substituting the wrestler Kane for a giant, lumbering furball, “Park” hints at some See No Evil similarities as it tosses eight delinquents out in the woods for community service. Chaos ensues and there looks like there’s a subplot with escape convicts. Could be wrong. Tom Skull wrote and directed the flick. Currently, “Park” is seeking distribution. Interested? Want to give it a home? Check out the trailer and take a hike through the official site.

Source: Ryan Rotten