MTV Heads to Cheerleader Camp


Introduces us to Darius

Continuing to bring us only the best in “music” television, MTV is ordering up two scripted shows – as opposed to the “unscripted” (yeah, right) programming they’ve got like “Next” – for development.

The first show is called Cheerleader Camp, a horror series steeped in camp, that’s being called “Scream meets Heathers.” Charles Bohl (Swimfan) is overseeing the series with Scout Productions and MTV’s Tony DiSanto.

On the flipside, the channel also has Darius in the cannon with Tony Krantz (of Warner Bros.’ Raw Feed) executive producing. A thriller that explores the dark life of a teen, Krantz believes Darius‘ narrative has the potential to spread across a variety of mediums.

It’s unknown whether both shows will employ the half-hour or hour-long formats.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter