EXCL: Twisted Producer Talks Tortured


Title change, project update and more

Shock caught up to producer Mark Burg, one of the men behind the madness at Twisted Pictures, to get a status report on how their post-Saw IV feature “Tortured” (read our last item here) was progressing. “Well there’s another movie called ‘Tortured’ and that’s pissing me off right now,” he says good-naturedly, nodding to the upcoming Laurence Fishburne-starring crime film directed by Nolan Lebovitz. “But they were there first and we may have to change our title.”

Burg’s tale of torture, which he is co-producing with partner Oren Koules and Carl Mazzacone and writer Marek Posival, does center around a crime itself as it falls on the shoulders of two vengeance-seeking parents who have captured the pedophile responsible for the death of their child.

“We’re doing one final polish of the script right now,” he adds. The revised script is expected later this week. “And next week we begin casting. Rob Lieberman, who’s directing, is one of those guys that is gonna kill this thing, he’s got such a good take on it.”

Still, with the title – which blatantly sums up today’s horror atmosphere – and the recent box office gross of “Hostel: Part II,” is there a fear “Tortured” will arrive too late to the party? “We take the attitude that if you make a good movie, people will come. If you make a great western, people will come,” Burg posits. “Here we take an every man or woman who is put in a position, put their back against the wall and say ‘Great, now what do you do?’ Then put a little twist at the end. I like movies where something happens in the beginning that’s drastic and then sit in a chair to find out how that problem is resolved in the end.” Through violence, one would think. “Not always,” he stressed. “It’s not all resolved through violence. But when you get to the end of ‘Tortured’ you go…” Ouch? “Exactly.”

Source: Ryan Rotten