Foreign D-War Posters


Why must Los Angeles suffer so?

Below is one of two posters for the upcoming FX blowout “D-War” and, inexplicably, it makes me think of an ’80s metal album cover. Of course, this is just the ad art being used for its overseas run, we may get something different when Freestyle Releasing unleashes the film on our shores this August (more details here), but gawd I hope they retain this chaotic beauty that makes me want to wail on a guitar and sing from a mountaintop about wizards and lightning and dragons raging through Los Angeles…

Ahem, click the Twitch link above for a look at the other key art.

Let’s hope “D-War” isn’t stricken “Reign of Fire”-itis. Yeeeah, you remember the poster from that one don’t ya? Dragons belching fire over London, helicopters scrambling into action – and what do we really get? Batman and Matthew McConaughey duking it out on the rocks while King Leonidas watches on.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Twitch Film