Rejects Vets Enter New House


Based on the novel by Ted Dekker

Unrelated to the Steve Miner flick, furthermore the popular Fox TV show, of the same name, a new Christian-theme horror movie called House is ready to open its doors this fall.

Expected to bow on October 10th from The Bigger Picture and director Robby Henson (“Thr3e”), this new exercise in claustrophobia forces two couples, on the run from a maniac dubbed “The Tin Man” (pictured, right), into a home that will either become their salvation or their tomb. The killer lurking outside lays a few “rules” for the house’s new inhabitants – one of them must be killed by morning, which leaves them to seek various ways out.

“House” was adapted by Rob Green, writer/director of the UK WWII horror flick “The Bunker,” and is based on the novel by Ted Dekker. Henson, meanwhile, has lined up quite a cast with Michael Madsen starring alongside “The Devil’s Rejects” troupe Bill Moseley, Leslie Easterbrook and Lew Temple (seen below).

Source: Ryan Rotten