Atomic Wants to Explore Hell House


Remake of the ’73 chiller

Fledgling development machine Fox Atomic seems to be returning to the vaults for future potential projects. It was only until recently did we learn the long-mooted remake of The Entity directed by Hideo Nakata (Ringu) has transferred hands from big papa 20th Century Fox to its hipper, horror-savvy offspring, Atomic.

Sources tell Shock another Richard Matheson (“I Am Legend”) property is back on the update slab. Fox Atomic is mulling a re-telling of the author’s “Hell House,” or, The Legend of Hell House, as the original 1973 film was called.

Matheson’s novel told of a physicist, Dr. Barrett, who is hired by a wealthy, dying old man to find evidence of the afterlife in the Belasco House, a.k.a. “Hell House,” the “Mt. Everest of haunted houses.” Barrett accepts the job bringing his wife, a psychic and a survivor of a previous Hell House visit that went terribly awry. John Hough (Escape to Witch Mountain) directed the adaptation with Roddy McDowell, Clive Revill, Pamela Franklin and the lovely Gayle Hunnicutt starring.

We’ve been informed the new “Hell House” is still in the early stages. Of course, we’ll keep you updated as news comes in.

Source: Ryan Rotten