Treat’s Girls Full of Tricks?


Smith on upcoming Dougherty flick

Canadian actress Lauren Lee Smith (pictured) is in the midst of getting her hands downright sloppy with gore in the upcoming thriller Pathology for Lakeshore Entertainment, all in a day’s work for the red-haired beauty who, from the sounds of it, gets exposed to plenty of the red stuff in Mike Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat (coming to theaters October 5th from Warner Bros.).

In the dark holiday-themed film, Smith plays Danielle, “Anna Paquin’s older sister,” she reveals from the set of Lakeshore’s macabre medical tale. “Our storyline is basically – there’s Anna, myself and two other girls and we’re just big town, sophisticated girls who, on Halloween night, decide to get dressed up as these seductive storybook characters over the course of the evening.” But the night isn’t all about playing dress-up, as she explains. Plenty of twists and turns abound. “We end up not being at all what we first appear to be…then there’s blood, guts and gore and all of that other good stuff!”

She speaks highly of her conductor of carnage, Dougherty, who makes his directorial debut with this feature. “Mike is literally like a five-year-old child who would run around set and was so excited about everything. Great energy, he keeps everything light and he’s totally a morbid dude. Sick and twisted.”

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Source: Ryan Rotten