Hellboy 2 Characters Revealed


Who’s returning and who’s not?

Guillermo Del Toro swooped by the message boards of DelToroFilms.com and off-loaded some character info concerning Hellboy 2: The Golden Army which is now heavily underway for Universal. Some of its old news, some is new news…

It turns out Doug Jones is now playing four roles and not the reported three. His duties are matched by creature performer Brian Steele (Sammael from Hellboy) who is slipping into the skin of four roles in this FX-heavy sequel.

John Hurt is due for a cameo, but don’t expect Rupert Evans’ Agent Myers to return. And BPRD newcomer Johann (a spirit contained inside a special suit with a glass dome), will be realized with the help of John Alexander (Mighty Joe Young). Tomas Kretschmann (Blade II, King Kong) is supplying the voice.

There’s more details to be had here including more character names and their place in the “Hellboy” universe.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Del Toro Films