EXCL: Hooper Enters Training Ground


Joe on the backburner

Like Guillermo Del Toro, Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) is one of those guys who seemingly spreads himself across a variety of projects but you don’t really know what his next film is until the man is on set, with a camera pointing it at a bunch of actors and calling, “Action!”

Within the last few months we’ve heard he was taking a drive in Stephen King’s From a Buick 8, then we got the word he was tipping one back with screenwriter Dan Madigan (See No Evil) on Tequila Joe.

Over the weekend information trickled in that “Joe” is a potential project but certainly not his next.

Shock has picked up on the buzz that Hooper is, in fact, ready to carve up Al Qaeda in the timely thriller Training Ground for the London-based Midsummer Films. Hooper will lens “Ground” in Romania this fall.

UK scribe Andy Briggs – brother of Peter Briggs (Hellboy) – hashed out the plot for the film which goes something like this: Eight backpackers traveling abroad along Silk Road lose their mode of transportation via an avalanche. Seeking a nearby town they stumble upon a desolate Al Qaeda training camp and discover plans for the destruction of several U.S. cities, unbeknownst to them Los Angeles has already suffered a dirty bomb attack. They make off with the plans and are subsequently hunted down by the Al Qaeda members eager to get their information back.

It’s still too early for any casting news, but expect an official announcement regarding Training Ground soon.

Source: Ryan Rotten