Now You’re Playing with Jigsaw


Saw video game on the way

Until the day comes when we witness the “Saw” franchise’s Jigsaw tormenting one of his victims with a Nintendo Wii (taking inspiration from Krueger’s deft use with a Power Glove), we’ll just have to settle for a new video game based on Lionsgate’s cash cow.

Variety reports Brash Entertainment has dropped its pants to reveal an impressive $400 million to develop video games based on music, movies and television.

300 is one property being explored, a game based on “Saw” is another. Brash has found a distribution kinship in Warner Bros. who will release their games worldwide. The company is now efforting for a “Saw” vid release in time for Darren Bousman’s Saw IV. Given the series’ labyrinthine nature, I’m surprised this wasn’t thought up earlier.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety