DEBUT: Shock’s Official Poster/Flyer Art


From artist David Hartman

Shock Till You Drop is pleased to present our first official poster and flyer art illustrated by morbid mastermind David Hartman. To be honest, I’m still, oh, I’ll just say it, shocked at the utter coolness Hartman has created exclusively for us below. You’ll being seeing this image on posters and flyers circulating at Comic-Con and, if you live in Los Angeles, hanging at a few of your favorite haunts.

I think I first came across Hartman’s work in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I was down there to interview Rob Zombie while he was touring the summer The Devil’s Rejects hit theaters. By the merchandise booth I saw these fresh new t-shirt designs by Hartman. They were cartoonish, but oozed with sex and violence.

A search for more of his work led me to Sideshow Monkey where I was knocked out by an impressive gallery of original creeps, zombies, ghoulies and girlies. This cat works on Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, short films and Rob Zombie music videos (check out “Lords of Salem” and “American Witch” at iTunes) too! Check out his site. Explore, as Pinhead would say. Buy a few of his posters while you’re at it.

And stay tuned for some Comic-Con news. I may have a few Shock poster giveaways in store…

Scroll down past the art for a fascinating making-of video in time-lapse!

Source: Ryan Rotten